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Leopold and Rudolph Blaschka: Sea Creature Glass Models

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Leopold and Rudolph Blaschka were a German father and son glass sculpting team who created stunning, detailed biological models in the 1800’s.


As a child, Leopold was a apprenticed to a goldsmith and gem cutter. He then gained experience in the family business making glass ornaments and glass eyes, during which time he developed a technique which he termed “glass-spinning” (allowing highly precise works in glass).


His son Rudolph assisted him in making 131 marine invertebrate models in a single year (circa 1880), and after a great deal of effort and prodding by proprietor George Lincoln Goodale, their work ended up in the Harvard Botanical museum.

I wonder how many of these beauties are surviving today. These photos are taken from Guido Mofacio’s photography exhibit, on display at Hamilton’s Gallery until May 24th, 2016.

Kiva Ford

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Kiva Ford has a degree in Scientific glassblowing. His work with intricate scientific instruments evolved into gorgeous creative sculpture.



Clearly, he’s influenced by scientific subject matter, but brings skillful artistic sensibilities to each piece.

While some creations are purely decorative, others are gorgeous functional glassware (though I’d be terrified to drop them!)



Kiva Ford

Lino Tagliapietra

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Italian sculptor Lino Tagliapietra began his career working in the island of Murano’s glass furnaces and factories.


After many notable commercial artistic endeavors he began an independent sculpting career in 1990, and is now one of the most accomplished glass blowers in the world.


His pieces are complex and multi-layered, often containing a depth and sense of movement that are almost…organic.


Lino Tagliapietra

Liquid Light Glass

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Liquid Light Glass is the work of artist Elodie Holmes. After initially working with ceramics, she discovered her passion for glass work.


My favorite section on the site, and there’s a lot to look at, is Auroras (example above).


Each piece is so graceful and complex, yet somehow cohesive in its unconventional form. It’s like watching a dance, a light show…or a conversation on some alien language.

Liquid Light Glass

Art Donovan Lamps

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Donovan Design has come out with a series of wonderful steampunk lamps. As many of you know, I am loathe to use the term steampunk, but will always give credit where credit is due in terms of fine craftsmanship.


I can’t help liking certain aesthetics of the subculture I can’t entirely get behind. Story of my life, as a kaleidoscope of selected subcultural pieces!


I wouldn’t mind a few of these beauties gracing my home in various places (“wouldn’t mind” is quite an extreme understatement).



Donovan Design

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Xia Xiao Wan

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At first glance, I thought these images were sculptures.

Xia Xiao Wan constructs 3D images with the use of multiple flat glass panes. Inspired by X-ray technology, he uses pencil and glass paint to create this amazing effect.

Some of this work reminds me of the nightmarish sliced horse in the movie The Cell.

More Here

Heart Vase

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Metaphorical sculptures don’t always come cheap these days. I love the concept and design of this heart of glass, but can’t afford it (even if a portion of the proceeds do go to the American Heart Foundation).


…and I can never hear the term “heart of glass” in any context without thinking of the Blondie song.

Seen on Street Anatomy