Otto Rapp

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I came across the following macabre yet captivating image by Otto Rapp and fiendishly searched for more.


Many would be quick to associate his work with classic surrealism (which he does cite as an influence), but he balks at the idea of, pardon the pun, being painted into this corner.

He states:
I do not concern myself with the elimination of the rational, the exclusivity of the irrational and the absurd, but presentation of the conscious and subconscious world as an inseparable whole. I draw my inspirations from the layered labyrinth underground which represents the other side of life, which is an inner imaginative-inspirational counterpart to the outer world, expressed with the help of logic-alogic associations, analogisations and symbolism.

His portfolio is teeming with richly detailed paintings and drawings. Have a look.

Otto Rapp

Edith Waddell

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Peruvian born artist Edith Waddell is a painter, illustrator and printmaker who often combines traditional painting with collage and digital work.


Many of her works are brightly colored, tempered with soft pastels…filled with feminine imagery, botanicals and spiritual symbolism.

At times, she employs a kind of beautiful yet unsettling symmetry that makes one feel as if staring at a colorful Rorschach test.

She states:
My goal is to make visible that which is overlooked, confronting the public with the dark and mysterious aspects of their own psyches, emotional struggles, and their relationship with the natural environment. My work is an invitation to make an introspective examination and reflection into our own existence, both physical and spiritual.



Edith Waddell

Super Blood Moon

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One complication of Lyme disease and other bug born illnesses is the exacerbation of symptoms during the full moon due to the natural cycles of the pathogens. Wondering why my pain levels just escalated from incapacitating to “somebody please kill me!” I remembered that tonight is the SUPER BLOOD MOON.


Not only is the moon remarkably close to the Earth, but there will be a full eclipse. We won’t see another one of these until 2033. You can find incredibly detailed information and viewing times for all regions HERE.

Countdown to Halloween

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Once again, I’ll be participating in the Countdown to Halloween, with the “Cryptkeepers” who gather every year to bring spooky treats as the holiday draws near (I usually begin October 1st).


Thanks, as always, to John Rozum for organizing this blog event. If you want to participate, head to Countdown to Halloween.

Steven Russell Black

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Steven Russell Black’s monochromatic pieces often make me feel like I’m looking at double exposed photographs…in hell.


We see beauty unhinged, morphing, revealing realities strange and sinister under the surface.

His subjects are caught in moments of unveiling an extreme duality.


Or perhaps, an awakening…a transmutation.

Steven Russell Black

Rose Wong

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Rose Wong’s illustrations are slightly strange…


…peppered with magic…

And often manage to convey a kind of cool detachment combined with the vaguest sense of longing.


Rose Wong

Susan Beatrice

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Susan Beatrice crafts beautiful, detailed sculptures from mechanical miscellania. Her pocket watch creations are stunning:



From the artist bio:
All Natural Arts was started by Susan Beatrice as a venue for selling her creations. Combining talent and imagination with a love of nature, the designs are created with the environment in mind. Recycled, upcycled and repurposed objects are combined with natural elements into unique, Earth-friendly and artistic items sensitive to the limits of our natural resources.


All Natural Arts is a celebration of nature in the form of jewelry and other fun and whimsical items. Using sea glass, stones and other natural elements as well as vintage watches, jewelry pieces, and found objects to create one of a kind treasures for you to enjoy or to give as gifts.


I adore her tiny animals…

Perfect use of gears!

Susan Beatrice

Thanks for sharing this, Colleen!


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