Image Odyssey: Bat Embryos

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Yesterday I received an email bursting with bat embryos (which sounds like cyberbullying, but is actually what people do when they love me). The message prompted me to seek out some of the most beautiful specimens on the Web.


While ostensibly a rather morbid search entry, these images (particularly the diaphonized variety) allow us to see the awe inspiring artistry of nature. Even the tiny creatures so often reviled by humans are majestic in their own way.

And adorable. They’re also adorable.


See no evil…hear no evil…

Thanks for the inspiration, CP!

David Diamondheart: Ascension Art

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Ascension Art is a store on the 3d printing site Shapeways, specializing in sacred geometry.


The store description is “transformational jewelry and other objects of art that will accelerate you on your spiritual path.”


For those who are on a spiritual path, these do make excellent contemplative totems, reminding us of the ineffably beautiful interconnected truth of the Universe, the intricate splendor of the natural order and organizing principles.


Grand metaphysical principles aside…they are also just damn pretty to look at.


You can choose all types of colored plastic or metal for your custom printed piece. This even allows for a “trial” piece in plastic before investing in a more expensive high-quality version.


Ascension Art

Lorena Assisi

Posted in art, nature with tags , on January 29, 2016 by shewalkssoftly

Lorena Assisi caught my eye with her gorgeous double sided piece “Gods and Monsters.”


I love the gentleness and empathy this voodoo priestess radiates.


Her portfolio also contains beautiful depictions of girls and “spirit animals” (for any of you into symbolism and archetypes, I highly recommend studying the meaning of animal totems. We can learn so much from our non-human cohabitators).



Lorena Assisi

Jennybird Alcantara and Nicoletta Ceccoli Interviews

Posted in art, interviews with tags , on January 28, 2016 by shewalkssoftly

I don’t often conduct long interviews on this blog (mostly due to my own health/typing constraints), but here are links to two substantial interviews with female artists who rank among my favorites.

Jennybird Alcantara


Nicoletta Ceccoli


When it comes to art, do you prefer to just look at images, or do enjoy reading interviews that probe the minds of the artist?

Kay Pike

Posted in art, body decoration, comics with tags , , on January 27, 2016 by shewalkssoftly

Ah, some fine comic book art, yes? Nope. It’s some fine BODY PAINT. Yes, you read that right. This is Kay Pike’s uncanny comic character reproduction on a canvas of human skin.


She does such a good job that it’s nearly impossible to make out some of the natural physical features she has camouflaged.


Perhaps some of your childhood favorite heroes and villains made it into her portfolio.


Kay Pike’s

Mijn Schatje

Posted in art, dolls with tags , on January 26, 2016 by shewalkssoftly

Mijn Schatje digitally paints beautiful, porcelain-skinned little girls. Usually just the disembodied heads (but we find the occasional body or neck).


These little innocents always possess an otherwordly glow.

Their eyes are sad and deep…

Years ago there was a fascinating controversy surrounding her work because she was accused of using photographs of dolls as the basis of her vector art. I can see how some people who make a living through art would get incensed (if she didn’t ask permission from the doll creator), but I feel she was unfairly blasted. She may have used doll photographs as a starting point, but her work clearly shows her own imagination and ingenuity. Art isn’t simply the creation of something out of nothing, but the ability to transform.



Mijn Schatje

Joe Black: Angels With Dirty Faces

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This is the center piece in the Angels With Dirty Faces triptych by Joe Black. From afar, it seems like some fine use of unique brush strokes, color and shading…from up close, one discovers it is made of 8,000 individually spray-painted soldiers on aluminum with resin coating.


From the artist bio:
Black combines his natural craft skills with a love of materials – many of which are recognizable everyday objects – to create portraits and abstract works.


Using a laborious technique of hand painting and altering each tiny object to give gentle lines and shading to his subjects, Black has pioneered an elaborate new form of pixilation that he uses to hid subtle implications within each of his images.


Joe Black


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