Haruko Maeda

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Born in Japan, now based in Austria Haruko Maeda draws from the Shinto traditions of her homeland, the baroque architecture that abounds in her current location, and produces luxuriant Vanitas with a twist. A sizable twist.

DSC_1012 Kopiekorr2 (3)

Although she depicts a great deal of death, it is often counterbalanced by profusions of beautiful life.



Some of her work also includes technology…

…or Hieronymus Bosch-ian modern/futuristic dystopian scenes. I wish I could find large, HQ versions of her pieces online!

Haruko Maeda

Galaxy Bedding

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I’m not even sure how I’d choose among all of these beautiful Galaxy Bedding sets.


They have pretty much any color scheme you can imagine. So many choices! Unfortunately, the price and shipping are a bit steep ($33 shipping for a flat sheet! Yikes!).

Still, a girl can dream…hopefully on galaxy sheets one day.



Galaxy Bedding

David Griessel

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I love David Griessel’s quizzical vingettes…

Most of these whimsical creatures and the various contraptions that accompany them are drawn in ball point pen!

The titles and descriptions are fun to read as well. For example, this one is entitled “Tea Party for the Perplexed.”

I’m particularly fond of the texture he achieves in his Fynbos Animal Hybrid series (click to enlarge these next two images, so you can see what they are made of!).

Truly beautiful…

David Griessel’s

Peter Goode

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Today, I bring you the creatures of Peter Goode.


From the excellent description in the artist bio:
His rich and detailed paintings depict emotive creatures in various stages of self reflection and spiritual illumination.


They are neurotic do-gooders, abandoned explorers and sentinels, estranged lovers, wooly bodhisattvas, aimless angelic oracles, whispering wratihs, reformed scoundrels, weathered widows, impish frolickers, and hungry ghosts.


I really should start a “monster pathos” tag on this blog, for the sweet, forlorn, misunderstood monsters who make their way onto these pages.

Peter Goode

Courtney Brown: Tentacle Typewriter

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This sculpture has been showing up everywhere (in my circle of sources, anyway)…for good reason. Who wouldn’t love a 1938 Underwood typewriter bursting with sculpted bronze tentacles?



She does a beautiful job of matching the suckers on the tentacles to the typewriter keys. It’s a very cohesive creature.


Courtney Brown

Museum Oddities

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I first posted about “exploded” articulated human skulls years ago during Ryan Matthew theme week, but here is another fine example from Brian Kubasco (aka Museum Oddities).



Kubasco is a sculptor specializing in masks, props, reproductions, prosthetics, character design, creatures, monsters and figurines. His website is a combination of personal creations and intriguing artifacts.

For example, here is a 1930’s dental phantom with five gold fillings and removable teeth.


And here is a creative variation inspired by these models:

There is some really great stuff on the site. Have a look at Museum Oddities.

Atelier Iwakiri: Creature Bags

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I don’t understand a word of the text, but I just browsed the entire collection of handmade creature bags by Atelier Iwakiri.

Such excellent attention to detail on scales, shells and skins!


These could be wonderful conversation pieces for the shy and/or introverted to carry around (yes, my mind went there because I am terrible at initiating conversation with strangers. But once I begin talking, I’m fine).

Atelier Iwakiri


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