Olga Valeska

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I’m falling in love with Olga Valeska’s photography…


The rich warm colors of autumn…the beautiful composition…I want to step into these scenes and bask in the warm, hazy glow and vibrant reds.



She has done amazing work with this model, who seems to be quite the muse! I must say, it is a perfect model choice for these photographs.

Olgae Valeska

Lukasz Wodynski

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I’ve been staring at Lukasz Wodynski’s Human Light series, admiring his brilliant use of color. The glow he achieves in these flares of luminosity is rather lovely, isn’t it?



I also find Machinations of Dementia quite moving. Obscured faces manage to convey desperation and sadness…



See more of his work here.

The Dayalets

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Brace yourself for The Dayalets; an instructional (and I use that word loosely) “suiatable for framing” series of food beasts designed to hang in doctors’ offices.


The idea was the educate the masses about vitamin deficiencies and nutritional imbalances. Wasn’t there a pamphlet they could hand out?



While tempting to generate my own sarcastic commentary for each of these, I think it’s only fair to direct you to the source, where the curator has taken a good deal of time to display and write commentary for the entire series (featuring gems such gems as “This looks like some self-proclaimed sex expert circa 1951.”)


I actually went through the whole series and was repeatedly stunned by these creations. Who wants one on the food table at my next party?

I wasn’t joking when I said “suitable for framing.”


See the whole collection here.

Naoto Hattori: Nothing But Perception

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Naoto Hattori has a new show at the Dorothy Circus Gallery.


As I struggle to think of fitting descriptions for his work, the word “cyborganic” comes to mind. It’s not a real word. I made it up. But I’m sticking with it.



Naoto Hattori
See all the pieces in the show here.
Previous post on Hattori here.

Adrian Baxter

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Adrian Baxter defines his work as Traditional illustrations, based on life, death, the Universe, the natural world and human philosophy.


Rich in symbolism, gently calling forth sacred geometry, alchemical principles and the intricacies of nature, each of these pieces has a lot to say.



Adrian Baxter

Psychoanalysis: The Comic

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Put down your superhero comics, folks. It’s time for PSYCHOANALYSIS! Faster than free associations! Stronger than neuroses! Able to leap elongated sofas in a single bound!


From Wiki:

Psychoanalysis was a short-lived comic book published by EC Comics in 1955, the fifth title in its New Direction line. The bi-monthly comic was published by William Gaines and edited by Al Feldstein. Psychoanalysis was approved by the Comics Code Authority, but newsstands were reluctant to display it. It lasted a total of four issues before being canceled along with EC’s other New Direction comics.


The comic featured three patients, Freddy Carter, Ellen Lyman and Mark Stone, who were undergoing psychoanalysis. The analyst was the central character. He was never named, simply listed as The Psychiatrist. Ellen Lyman did not appear in the fourth and final issue, having been cured in the third issue.


Click to enlarge:


Later, all 4 issues were compiled in a book (and briefly re-issued individually in the 90′s).

Paul Roustan: The Camouflaged Moth

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Paul Roustan is an extremely gifted body painter. Can you tell there is a woman in the center of this moth?


Watch her emerge:

I recommend looking at his whole body of work (pun intended) here.


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