Bailey Henderson

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Toronto based illustrator and sculptor Bailey Henderson works in a variety of mediums; oil paint, bronze, resin casting.

I’m partial to her Monstrorum Marines series, which recreates the images of mythological sea beasties depicted on Medieval maps.

Her detail is as fine as the pen and brush strokes on those antiquated documents. Gorgeous.

Her bronze castings are nice done as well.


Bailey Henderson

Calisto Jewelry

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Calisto Jewelry has a touching little story behind it, told by the daughter of the creator.


About a year ago, my father (45) came to me and showed me a piece of jewelry he made out of scrap metal. The jewelry junkie inside me felt like my world had just turned upside down.


I was full of surprise, admiration and love for my father who just lost his job but still remained a creative person that never stopped using his hands to bring some beauty and magic to the world.


From that day on we’ve been designing different types of pendants, earrings and bracelets, all inspired by mythology, ancient cultures, Indian tribes, Celtic symbols, etc. My father is a real modern polymath: he draws beautifully with both hands, carves sculptures out of wood, used to be a tattoo artist for a while and now, he makes beautiful jewelry.


There are some really stunning pieces in his collection, all of which are one of a kind (never duplicated), and he takes requests!

Calisto Jewelry
More Pictures

Sarah Sheil

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Sarah Sheil’s artwork has me mesmerized. Here is a detail from my favorite piece:


She creates dark, mystical images that glow and swirl with light and shadow. We see shades of iconic figures…life and death.

Her subjects seem poised between the earth realm and the cosmos (or the underworld).

Magic is afoot, indeed.


Sarah Sheil

Leonora Carrington

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I’m in the process of switching computers to a new laptop, so today we have a quick post. Enjoy the surrealist work of Leonora Carrington




Leonora Carrington

X-Presion Pixelated Hair

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X-Presion, a unique, cutting edge hair studio, recently debuted a coloring technique that mimics colored pixels.


At this stage in my life, I doubt I’d ever be daring enough to do such a thing (and it might look a bit less striking on blondes).

Side note: back in college I had jet black hair, and when I went to a professional salon to restore my normal color, I ended up with something similar to this…and by “similar” I mean every color between blonde and black in splotches with no particular pattern. It looked like I’d lost a bet or fallen victim to a seriously awful prank. I wish I’d taken a picture.


Would you try this?



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I was just admiring this awesome sculpted aquatic monster bust from GritsFx. Gaze into its unfeeling reptilian eyes…


Check out those gills and the texture of its skin:

And its shiny fish lips.

Excellent work on this fellow.


Oddities Store

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If it has “oddities” in the title, there’s a good chance I’ll go down a massive rabbit hole exploring it. Thus, Oddities Store was an enjoyable find indeed.

I desperately need these:

They have bisected animals…

Bell jar skulls of all sorts…

Fish sticks (literally):

Diaphonized beauties:

Skulls on plaques:

Lovely shadow boxes:

And…Lung Salve!

Browse the rest of the collections at the Oddities Store.


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