Michael Ramstead

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Manifestation was the first painting I saw from Michael Ramstead. I love this representation of the colorful, boundlessly imaginative world we inhabit in our peaceful altered states.


Other works are slightly more menacing…

…or alien.

Is this an ominous image of the undead ushering a child into her doom? Is the skeleton excited to show her fantastic hidden realms? Is he just playing hide and go seek?

Although he’s a talented portrait artist, many of his pieces combine pop culture, technology, cryptids, ghosts and nature (as you may have guessed, those are my favorites.

Michael Ramstead

Daft Art Tattoo

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I just looked through hundreds of Eva’s tattoo designs (she is associated with Daft Art Tattoo, but that’s about all I can tell you since the sites are not in English).

I first noticed her designs that mimic cross stitch patterns. Pretty great.

But I love her style in general.

Unfortunately, my screen capture function doesn’t seem to be working right now so I couldn’t even grab many of my favorites to post.

I wish I could have shown more of her wildlife creations…

Check out more HERE.

Lorenzo Alessandri

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Today I bring you two safe-for-work paintings by Lorenzo Alessandri, better known for his grotesque, controversial surrealist pieces.


He was unafraid to tackle horror, death, politics, sexuality and just about any uncomfortable subject. But I’m partial to his monster paintings.


Lorenzo Alessandri

Marta Adan

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I’m absolutely captivated by this Marta Adan piece; the glowing pink palette, the delicate beauty mixed with the raw presence of bone. The alchemical symbol for antimony (which represents the wild, animal spirit within man) graces her forehead. What a way to elevate a color so often associated with childish or hyper-feminized images.

A sickly but radiant green washes over this lovely woman, emblazoned with the symbol for arsenic. Some people are, indeed, poison.

I love her deviantART portfolio because it shows an impressive progression. Her early works are good, but she’s clearly refining and developing her style beautifully.

An occasional dark color scheme makes an appearance as well.

Marta Adan

Superhero Bookends

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Artori Design has come up with a novel bookend concept (some of us still have paper books!) that gives your volumes a superhero lift


Magnets and wall mounted floating shelves help create this awesome illusion.


What superhero would you want in your library?

Artori Design

Lyme Lags

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I’ve been skipping a bunch of days on SWS recently due to spending every moment of my days in such crushing full body pain that it’s difficult to move…even breathe. It’s utterly indescribable (this is post is punctuated with centipede monsters because a search for “spirochete monsters” turns up nothing).



This is nothing new. I’ve had pain of this kind without one second of relief for eight years straight. I do my best to push through it, despite being housebound since 2011.


But it has reached unprecedented heights, and there have been massive delays beyond my control and allergies to all of my Lyme Disease treatment options thus far. That’s the worst part…feeling these bugs squeeze the life out of me in the most slow, agonizing way without any major recourse in the immediate future.


I’ll be attempting to orchestrate treatment through my diagnosing physician on Monday via phone, although he is across the country (it takes months to years to get in with a Lyme literate doctor so I still have months to go despite making an appointment immediately upon diagnosis).


In the meantime, forgive me if I miss a day here and there!

Kmye Chan

Posted in art with tags on July 14, 2015 by shewalkssoftly

I could have sworn I posted about Kmye Chan before, but could not find the post. Perhaps I only posted this single image which spoke to me greatly, as I’ve often hoped these bed/housebound years of mine during illness would be my chrysalis.


Those hands! So delicate, and beautiful…

But the portfolio also contains figures with great power…

…and pain.

Kmye Chan


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