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Halfway to Halloween Countdown: Yankee Candle Boney Bunch

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We’re almost halfway to Halloween…who wants to celebrate?

HOW could I be such a die hard Halloween fan and have known nothing about the Yankee Candle Boney Bunch characters until finding them in an image search this year?

What an adorable collection of candle holders, figurines and other household decorative items!

And even if you don’t use them on a cake, I happen to think these happy newlyweds (newlydeads?) would make for an excellent wedding proposal (if you can’t invest in a Zombie Fortune Teller for your sweetie with spooky leanings).

Anyone have the Boney Bunch?

Images from Walter Dworkin’s Flickr sets.

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Dark Circus Wedding

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Wow. This is a truly incredible wedding display. These folks chose a Dark Circus theme and went all out with it.

I think it’s wonderful that this couple designed such a unique and visually stunning event.

The decorations, the lighting, the food and the clothing are all perfect for the idea.

No one involved in this wedding will ever forget the experience. See more pictures here.

Desktop Goodies 6/19

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GalenaLarkin created this fabulous alien in the style of Lisa Frank (boy, that brings me back!).

How about some valuable instruction from yesteryear?

I have a feeling even if I read this book, it wouldn’t work.

Oh, this is dangerous territory.

And speaking of…

Let’s start with the myriad pathologies of the cover model.

Love this.

…and this.

So THIS is how wives are made!

Speaking of, if I ever get married, forget those cheesy “Bride” T-shirts girls wear at wedding showers (etc.), I want THIS shirt (ironically, this level of geekiness probably diminishes my chances of “pair bonding” in the first place).

And if marriages don’t work, there’s always this guy.

Let’s get our Jesus on, folks! No…I meant literally.

Failed sales pitch for DoubleMint Gum:

All I have to say to this sculpture: get out of my dreams, get into my house!

So let’s look at other lovely home goods (I wish I had more info here). Nice little accent piece:

For the china cabinet:

While an amazing illusion, I suspect this wall decal could be mildly terrifying to some children:

Outdoor trimmings for my fellow introverts:

Why wasn’t this mass produced?

Does anyone have info on this piece? I find it fascinating that conjoined ceramics exist.

More soon…and remember:

Alien and Predator Wedding Cake

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It’s that time again. Time to talk about Alien and Predator! Long time fans of this blog know of my odd compulsion to feature A & P goodies from time to time. So now I bring you the Alien and Predator wedding cake!

Aw, look at that bouquet and top hat…

Let’s not nitpick about the unlikelihood of Alien and Predator joining in wedded bliss (I know you were thinking it, sci-fi geeks!), and just enjoy the fine craftsmanship of the cake.

And perhaps the best part…FONDANT FACE HUGGER!


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Muddyskull has the largest selection of handmade skull cake toppers I’ve ever seen.

Perhaps some people reading this blog have had (or would consider having) spooky wedding accessories. There are many to choose from here!

Muddyskull also makes pendants, earrings and cake toppers coupled with ring bearer plates (pictured below). You can tell I’ve never had to plan a wedding because I didn’t even know what a ring bearer plate was!

See many more here.

Von Erickson: Cameo Jewelry

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Peter Von Erickson is a prop builder, teacher and upright bass player for The Memphis Morticians (great band!). But he also has some true one of a kind jewelry creations on Etsy.

These first two are on my wish list:

Each cameo is an original design, hand sculpted and cast in resin.

Graveyards, zombies and spooks are the main fare in this wonderful collection.

This one would be great as an informal engagement or wedding gift for the morbidly inclined (personally, I find this very romantic):

There are also a number of cameo rings up for grabs.

See more here.
Von Erickson Official Site

Halloween Countdown: Halloween Wedding Cakes

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I think I’ve actually posted this cake before, but it’s pretty neat:





(image source defunct)


Now, this one is pretty cool due to its insane attention to detail and expert construction…

…but honestly, ENOUGH with the Nightmare Before Christmas cakes. I gushed over the first few I saw many years ago, but now there are thousands. Love the movie. Love the aesthetics. But I suppose I’m craving some new themes in Halloween cake territory.

I’d actually like to see a cake covered in black fondant with classy white piping (perhaps a “Memento Mori” theme…winged skulls and such) with red velvet inside.

There are a ton of zombie, skeleton and other assorted undead cake toppers out there, but check THESE out!