Halloween Countdown: Halloween Wedding Cakes

I think I’ve actually posted this cake before, but it’s pretty neat:





(image source defunct)


Now, this one is pretty cool due to its insane attention to detail and expert construction…

…but honestly, ENOUGH with the Nightmare Before Christmas cakes. I gushed over the first few I saw many years ago, but now there are thousands. Love the movie. Love the aesthetics. But I suppose I’m craving some new themes in Halloween cake territory.

I’d actually like to see a cake covered in black fondant with classy white piping (perhaps a “Memento Mori” theme…winged skulls and such) with red velvet inside.

There are a ton of zombie, skeleton and other assorted undead cake toppers out there, but check THESE out!

8 Responses to “Halloween Countdown: Halloween Wedding Cakes”

  1. I’m still amazed with how much effort people are willing to put into stuff that will get eaten or otherwise destroyed. I’m sure it’s a very valuable impulse and special occasions are the perfect outlet for it. Personally, I might be a bit too much of a hoarder!

  2. shewalkssoftly Says:

    Comment1, check it out (for some reason I can’t post a direct reply to your comment…seems wordpress only allows 3 comments per thread): https://shewalkssoftly.com/2011/07/17/cake-rental/

  3. Wow. Thanks for that. I checked the site and I still think I’d prefer the BEST cake to the best LOOKING one.

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