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Easter Image Roundup

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Just some favorite Easter images from around the Web…












Happy Easter!

80’s Christmas Horror Movies

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Fellow horror fans…I confess I felt remiss in my duties when I discovered there were a number of 80’s Christmas Horror Movies I haven’t seen. A kind reader sent me this list.

Luckily, 80’s Horror has compiled a nice list of every Christmas horror movie made in the decade. How many have you seen?

They also note two awesome TV episodes (which were staples of my childhood): Tales from the Darkside- Seasons of Belief


And Tales from the Crypt- And All Through the House

Check out 80’s Christmas Horror Movies.

Otto Lehtonen

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Since we’re now getting inundated with holiday cheer at every turn, I thought I’d provide some balance via Otto Lehtonen (aka Eemeling).

Love his version of The Babadook:

You will find many tortured, twisted, grinning and otherwise menacing figures in his portfolio.


Fans of horror art will undoubtedly enjoy these undead creations.

Otto Lehtonen

Hallowvember: Killer Snail Makeup

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Now THIS is killer snail makeup done right (okay, I’ve never seen it done wrong…or at all for that matter…but these guys nail it).


Swedish duo Elli Macs SFX is responsible for this creation. Here’s a tutorial video, if you’re interested in seeing the process.


Halloween Countdown: Guiseppe Balestra

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Guiseppe Balestra creates spooky pieces inspired by beloved horror stories (new and old).



I encourage you to visit his portfolio and click on the larger versions of each drawing in order to really see the detail of cross hatching and pointilism. His mastery of these techniques is truly among the best I’ve seen in modern illustrators.
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Guiseppe Balestra

Halloween Countdown: Vincent Price- Witchcraft and Demonology

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I’m sharing this before even listening to it myself, so I can’t vouch for…well…anything in this recording. But it’s Vincent Price, speaking dramatically (with ghostly sound effects) about witchcraft, so in my opinion there’s not much that can go wrong here.




You can read a little more info about it on Horrorpedia.

If you listen, let me know what you think!

Halloween Countdown: Chills! Horror! Suspense!

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Vintage spookshow posters are fantastic (I have a large collection of them in my image files; I wish I could post them all). This shirt really appeals to me because it’s not only a throwback to the golden era of spookshows…it gets to the point. The hell with subtlety.


Even better? It’s hand screen printed for only $12! Unfortunately, being the elfin creature that I am, an adult “small” T-shirt (the smallest they make) nearly fits me like a dress…perhaps I will have to create my own.

Chills! Horror! Suspense!