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Cookie Cutter Cat

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This Cookie Cutter is amazing because:

1) Cats
2) You can put icing on the cookies for a sweet feline appearance
3) You can serve them as-is as a subtle hint to unwanted guests



Desktop Goodies 5/10

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How do I get my hands on this?

This came up in my Amazon suggestions. Best mouse pad I’ve ever seen. I may buy it for my such clicks and many scrolls. And I like its enthusiasm: “Wow.”

I tried to find this album on YouTube so we could take a listen. Art definitely looks the part(y) here.

Dapper Vegetable Man. Wait for it…nobody BEETS him! (See what I did there?)

I have no idea who makes these, but they’re rather amazing.

Take this, Darwin…

Awkward Christ and puppet induced ecstasy:

So chilling…

Control your giant blob, dude.

Not the most practical default posture…but terrifying nonetheless.

“And then the Mammoth took the two of them in the circle of his trunk, and threw them into space.”
weird tales (1)

Anyone have these as a kid?
weird tales (2)

The look on the little kid’s face really drive home “poor life choices.”
weird wayne1

The Bob Baker Marionette Theater

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I hope I’m able to get to Los Angeles and visit the The Bob Baker Marionette Theater before it closes down. This landmark theater, created in 1962 out of a run down old shop, may not be anything special on the outside…but has been described as a “giant velvet 1960’s Christmas present” on the inside.



There is no stage, leaving little separation between the audience and the show (many guests sit on the floor). All of the marionettes have so much character, and the theater’s inventory now exceeds 3,000 of them according to a recent article.

Has anyone visited this theater? What did you you think?

The Bob Baker Marionette Theater


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Just an Insta-Goodies post today, as I recover from an endoscopy…








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I’m starting a new feature here on SWS, which will help me share a greater quantity of amazing art. I was very late to the Instagram party, but I can get completely lost in the art there.

I don’t always have the time or energy to do a full feature post on artists and/or pieces I love…so I’ll be including the Instagram handle on each picture if you wish to explore further. This is also a great way to show current pieces by artists I’ve posted in the past (or preview artists I plan to post about in more depth). I hope you enjoy!







The SWS Facebook Page is Moving! (Plus Rant)

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Allow me to step on my soapbox and let loose a rant that’s been brewing for quite sometime…*ahem*…

If you don’t want to read the whole post, I’ll lead with the end point:

I’m shutting down the SWS Facebook “page” and keeping it personal, the way I originally intended, by inviting you all to my regular profile. Click “follow” and you’ll get the daily blog post (as well as some bonus content).

Be sure to click “follow” and not “add friend” so you see the artsy content and avoid clogging up your own feed with my name tagged in various memes and medical articles. Follow HERE.

Now the reason…

A couple of months ago, Facebook notified me that they were going to shut down my blog profile unless I submitted legal documentation proving my name is She Walks Softly. So I converted the profile to a “page,” lost all my data, and now my blog posts are listed as reaching about 7 people instead of 500+ per day via Facebook specifically. Since I had barely touched the site for 5 years, I didn’t realize that Facebook wants us to buy ad space so they limit the post audience and don’t let us add anyone or communicate from a “page.”

I take issue with this because Facebook frequently makes announcements regarding its perpetual quest to target the user’s experience to his or her own interests, as if we should be grateful. It appears this is largely a veil for self-serving data mining and manipulation of visibility for financial gain.

I’m an extremely pronounced introvert. And while I adore and admire my extrovert friends who cast a wide social net, due to my own wiring I cannot…even where it would serve me…muster the faintest interest in non-substantive popularity. This quality is simultaneously a gift that ensures a high concentration of quality personal interactions in my life, and a curse in our market-saturated society that requires copious self-promotion for any independent project (an endeavor at which I’m not only miserable, but wholly inept). I’ve never promoted my blog anywhere nor have I taken any measures to grow the Facebook page. Whoever ended up on these sites found them of their own accord and wanted to be there.

The plummeting numbers themselves didn’t bother me. It bothers me that many people who went out of their way to tell me they appreciated the blog content and followed daily through Facebook no longer see the posts, and I have no recourse to make them aware of the shift. Even if I could remember all the strangers who have expressed gratitude and write to them from my regular profile, I would get temporarily banned for “spamming.” And, if I were able to write to these kind strangers, the messages would be relegated to the recipients’ “other/request” folder, most likely remaining unseen. I didn’t even know an “other” folder existed until there were hundreds of messages in it…and I still never check it.

In short: people who expressed genuine interest have been shut out. This hardly reflects the site’s purported benevolent preoccupation with targeting user interests. Apparently, there is a penalty for valuing quality over quantity, for wanting followers who actually give a damn about the material as opposed to page views that can be bought.

This blog is a fun hobby that has nothing to do with my career. I will never earn money off it, and that was a conscious choice I made so as not to alter my content for search engine optimization, feel tempted to post shameless clickbait, bombard people with pop-up ads and other flagrant marketing tools…or do anything other than share my love of art, absurdity, and the darker side of life with fellow enthusiasts.


Desktop Goodies 3/10

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Let’s take a moment to ogle the beauty of nature…


For some reason, people feel slightly uneasy in this chair.

A tad crass…but definitely my favorite faux Rand McNally cover:

Couldn’t they have thought of more appetizing adjectives than “semi-liquids?” I suppose it beats “lumpy, congealed and vomitous.”

Dana, Don’t make a joke about this car being cheesy…Don’t make a joke about this car being cheesy…Resist!

Did anyone have this as a kid? It looks awesome.

How can I get my hands on this book? This woman absolutely has life figured out.

Incredible building of unknown origin.

Gorgeous modern interpretation of Danse Macabre!

The old one was no fun at all…

A children’s book illustration. I’m sure no one had nightmares or anything.

The Best Worst (and Worst Worst) Sweatshirt

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We’ve covered The Best Worst Shirt Ever (it really delivers in person). But are you ready for The Best Worst SWEATshirt ever?

BEHOLD! The ZLYC Women’s Dazzle Geometric Cat Print Sweatshirt:



I rarely wear bright clothing, but I might make an exception for this, if I take a sufficient dose of Dramamine first. The reviews are in:


And then there’s this sweatshirt, for which I still can’t figure out the target demographic.

But it sure does complement one’s neck tattoo.

So lifelike!

Passed the Halfway Mark!

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When my dad began a fundraiser to save my life, I never in my wildest dreams believed that a little introvert who has been largely unable to communicate or set foot outside the house for years due to illness could have friends and strangers from all over the world rallying for her like this. We’ve passed the halfway mark, and I’m unbelievably grateful!


Feeling triumphant…


I’ve spent over 20 years flailing around in a medical system that could not (or would not) help me…and there is finally hope that I can make it. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for making this possible. PLEASE keep this link circulating!

Anya Boz: Persian Cat Room Guardian

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Anya Boz has a series of faux taxidermy creations she calls Room Guardians,” and my very favorite one is the Persian cat. This is the kind of room guardian I would want…one that seems to snarkily quip “REALLY? You actually think you’re coming in here without permission?”


It’s posable, so you can arrange it in any number of positions to express its reaction to the unmitigated gall of others.


What is this cat saying to you?

Anya Boz