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Dream of the 1890’s

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Could be Brooklyn, NY just as easily…Brilliant!

Cannot type/talk due to severe illness (all words courtesy of voice software or kind typing helpers)…I read and appreciate all comments…Apologies for not being able to respond.

Best Peace Corps Ad Ever

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Happy Independence Day, America.

(Click for large version)

Desktop Goodies

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Let’s start with a little faux vintage science, shall we?

Yes. Please.

I think this cat-erpillar is on my craft to-do list now. You can make it move in many kinds of ways.

Just your average post-Easter bunny mass suicide (nice work decorating the seasonal isle, guys):

Best weather forecast ever:

You know it’s spring when the Chevys start blooming again.

Grandfather of the Michelin Man

If the Sears portrait studio offered this, I would totally get in front of a camera.

A quizzical little Max Ernst piece:

Excellent ad:

Love this…

Truly amazing top hat idea:

I’d be reluctant to buy these for the sheer amount of lacing required, but this custom painted pair is quite a work of art.

Cute crafty robot:

Perfect for Halloween season (or anytime, really):

Clock for the guest room, to make folks feel welcome:

Does anyone know the origin story of this ice cream truck?

If you haven’t heard, divorce rings are becoming…a thing, proving once again that no human milestone…however brutal…can’t be commodified.


This has come up on a few favorite blogs now…


Ghostly beautiful…

An amazing collaboration between Salvador Dali and Elsa Schiaparelli, circa 1938:

And Jesus rides in on a unicorn to save the day…

Marie Antoinette’s royal beauty regimen was far less time consuming after her loss…

Rate My Rat

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Rate My Rat is an ingenious plan to call attention to the ways in which NYC publicly funded Subway cleanup is sorely lacking. New Yorkers have been asked to submit their subway rat photos, and the gallery is open for viewing and rating.

My favorite? I call this one Hedonism Rat:

Tell me he doesn’t remind you of Hedonism Bot on Futurama…

I must say I was delighted with the folks in my homeland for coming up with this absurdly wonderful campaign.

Check out the rat gallery here.

Randy Regier

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Short anecdote: in 6th grade my class was asked to construct a diorama based on a book we liked. I recreated the “hobbling” scene from Stephen King’s Misery. I was the only student whose project featured a prostrate Ken doll with a bloody stump where his foot once was, at the mercy of an axe wielding Barbie.

Don’t worry. Despite such antics in my younger (and recent) days, I’m a shockingly well-adjusted human being.

I’ve always had a soft spot for re-purposed and mildly morbid toys, so when I came across Randy Regier’s gallery of vintage style handmade faux-playthings, I was delighted.

See the rest of the toy gallery here.

The Dangers of Doctors and Patent Medicines

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For many personal (and artistic) reasons, I LOVE this animated short film. Absolutely brilliant!

“Blinding pain of a sinister expression!”


The Misanthrope’s Little Black Book

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Here’s a new take on the classic “little black book.” Perfect for organizing your arch enemies.

By 27thStreetPress on Etsy.

The Facebook Cartoon Meme

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I rarely step on my soapbox and get personal here, but I feel the need to comment on the recent facebook trend of posting cartoon characters as profile pictures to “fight child abuse.”

Let me make this clear: if you posted a cartoon, I’m NOT insulting you. I have no problem with anyone taking part in the trend.

My beef is with the trend itself and what it says about our culture; the unprecedented distance between one’s public dedication to a cause, and any actual measure of reflection or helpful behavior.

Symbols have been iconic representations of various social causes for decades (red ribbons, pink ribbons, rubber bracelets). At least the proceeds from these culturally fabricated products went toward the cause they represented. A small step, but a step nonetheless.

In the social networking world, trends like the cartoon character meme are devoid of ANY direct connection to or impact on the cause itself. No profit, no research, no inquiry, no time volunteered, no outreach program, no benefit.

These trends are yet another reflection of the narcissism that now pervades our technologically advanced society. Only in an extremely egocentric, disconnected population could one believe that posting a favorite character or listing the color of their bra (in the recent “breast cancer awareness” meme) has ANY influence over the true misfortune at stake. Yet I’ve seen an alarming degree of smug self-satisfaction from those who comply.

Sadly, I’d wager that upon the spread of the cartoon character meme, most people briefly thought “Yes, child abuse is wrong.”…and then spent half an hour googling the perfect ironically retro cartoon image to post, enraptured in their own nostalgia. I’ve seen plenty of “Dude, I loved Thundercats!,” but ZERO comments about child abuse itself.

Suddenly, awareness of a good cause becomes about ME, ME, ME! MY favorite things! MY pictures! What do I like? What am I wearing?

How does a call for charity become self-centered and completely divorced from charitable behavior?

I am wholeheartedly grateful for the role technology plays in my life (including online networking), yet I find myself missing the days when people didn’t think what they had for breakfast was newsworthy enough to be shared with everyone they’ve ever known on three different sites. I miss when caring about a cause meant volunteering time and sharing valuable information.

The closer we get, the more disconnected we become.

99% of the time, I ignore solipsistic social networking trends, even when they involve causes very close to my heart.

Here is a cartoon I liked as a kid:

Are children still being abused now? Wait…Really? Are you sure?

I’m afraid I agree with Gossamer here:

Helpful Figures

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Helpful Figures is a dynamite series of bogus infographics. I just went through every graphic on the site from start to finish, because they were so entertaining.

Have a look through the archives for some comic gems!

The Girl With the Prefabricated Heart

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Over the weekend I got to see a rare Hans Richter film: Dreams That Money Can Buy.

The story involves a man who realizes he can see into the minds of others, and opens a business selling custom made dreams to troubled clients. Each customer encounter is followed by a surreal dream sequence.

My absolute favorite was The Girl With the Prefabricated Heart. I couldn’t find the entire clip without a remade score, but you can get an idea from this. If you enjoy strange dolls, and clever satire of consumerism and manufactured beauty, this is NOT to be missed:

Here is an abridged version with the original soundtrack. Click to hear its scratchy, vintage glory: