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It took a while, but I finally got on Pinterest. I won’t be uploading things from my archive of 60,000 images (way too overwhelming). It’s more of a personal thing containing items I haven’t collected elsewhere, which may grow slowly over time.

Should you choose…

Follow Me on Pinterest

If you have suggestions for great boards involving dark art/illustration, oddities, antiques, vintage, monsters, Halloween, geekery, kitsch, photography or any of the countless things I post about, don’t hesitate to recommend them!

I suggest following my soul’s dear twin Carrie Filetti for amazing images.

Let the Countdown Begin!

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It’s that time again!

I’ll be participating in the Cryptkeeper’s annual blog roundup of countdowns.

About 87% in my poll wanted a month long countdown, 10% wanted two weeks. So to be fair to everyone I will probably do the vast majority of posts with a Halloween theme and a small percentage of others…I think. We’ll see what strikes me.

I’m putting on my party dress (in my imagination) to celebrate.

In real non-imaginary life (with special guest):

And mommy’s little craft “helper:”

If you come across great links or images, please share! Halloween-ites must stick together.

Halloween Countdown 2012 Poll

Posted in audience participation, halloween with tags , on September 27, 2012 by shewalkssoftly

While I am completely in the spirit of Halloween already, I’d like to give an option or two for the less obsessed. I plan on doing a Halloween Countdown again this year. How long should it be?

Majority rules (though I may intersperse Halloween posts throughout the month if the shortest option wins). Thanks for your input!

The SheWalksSoftly Major Award

Posted in announcement, audience participation with tags , on January 5, 2012 by shewalkssoftly

Since wordpress sends me a yearly blog status report, I’ve decided to do something special each year for the person who comments most frequently. It shall be known as the SheWalksSoftly Major Award.

This year, the award goes to the author of my favorite creature blog, Real Monstrosities. Congratulations, JJG!

The winner of the Major Award will receive a special handmade (by me) project, custom crafted to suit his or her own interests. I take requests.

I truly appreciate anyone who takes a moment to comment, share the site, send feedback or make posting suggestions. When I began this blog, it was merely an outlet for my own vastly varied odd fascinations. I’ve had a blast doing it, and I’m so glad that others have gotten something out of it as well.

Who will be the next Major Award winner? Get those comments in! 😉

Best Holiday Videos: Call for Audience Participation

Posted in audience participation, christmas with tags , on December 18, 2011 by shewalkssoftly

I’ve had a few wonderful video links shared with me in recent weeks, so I was thinking of putting together a holiday video compilation post.

I’d love to hear your suggestions. While I do enjoy the classics, I’m looking for things that might be new to me or other readers. Animation, stop-motion, vintage footage, entertaining commercials, foreign tidbits, creepy PSA announcements…use your imagination!

Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice…bring it!

Leave a comment or use the contact button if you have ideas. Thanks!


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Some folks have asked if I use Twitter. I do:


(Image source)

I have very mixed feelings about the site. I steer clear of relentless self-promotion cross posted to every social networking site. So for now my Twitter is only used only for personal musings.

However, I’m starting to understand that people rely on Twitter to signal when their favorite sites are updated. Would an automatic link to SheWalksSoftly posts actually be useful? Please chime in, Twitter crowd:

Pre-Halloween Open Mic Post

Posted in audience participation, halloween with tags , on October 9, 2011 by shewalkssoftly

I want to invite you guys to share your favorite Halloween things (or shamelessly promote your own site) in the comments. I’ll make a follow up post showcasing the suggestions, if enough come in. Share old favorites, new favorites…whatever your ghoulish little heart desires.

I’d love to see some art, crafts, movies, cartoons, music, videos, events, displays, websites, countdowns, costumes, decorations, books, vintage odds and ends…anything! Have fun!