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Desktop Goodies: 2/4

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You’re being welcomed into this post by anthropomorphic hotdog with breasts.

As far as I can tell, this is a real vintage ad. Probably one of the most jaw-dropping examples I’ve seen.

Imagine this is what you’re really standing on.

I prefer my tables without testicles.

Don’t miss the other title by this author on the bottom.

For “elegant women of refinement and taste.”

Just your average note-wielding mouse on a lobster.
Lobster Jockey

I’m not sure what’s going on here. Is this a medical assistance device? Unless it’s equipped with some sort of pulley mechanism to lift bodies in need, I see very little purpose for lying on something LESS comfortable, a few inches above something designed for lying on.

And now, in today’s installment of unappealing instructional material…Meet the man who can tell you how to lick pimples.


In conclusion, cats are the cure for everything.

Desktop Goodies 1/14

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How NOT to decorate your lobster. I call this Stairway to Hell.

Gorgeous carving work.



If only humans could leave behind the tangible structure of their own transformations to look back on.

I love how one happy consumer claims that a tablet of soap whittled her waist from 62 to 48 inches.

But some old ads EMBRACED a little junk in the trunk (how anyone thought the name “CHUBETTES” was a winner for a clothing line, I do not know).

Tick tock…

Adorable little skelly and her pet!

This is amazing in so many ways. Was this mushroom an official mascot of some sort, or just a damn fine costume?

This looks like something a child would paint in art class.

Everybody dance now!

Best search query of the week: “Why is Nicholas Cage on the cover of a Serbian Biology textbook?”

Sprookjesbos, The Fairytale Forest

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Before the Efteling theme park (the largest in the Netherlands) was opened around these works, ten delightfully unsettling fairytale scenes graced Sprookjesbos.



Dummies based on the darkly nuanced illustrations of Dutch artist Anton Pieck populate fantasy tableaux straight out of European fables.

From the source:
The original set of tableaus contained scenes from such popular stories as Snow White and Sleeping Beauty as well as lesser known tales such as Mother Hulda’s Well and The Frog King. Some of the figures in the scenes were animated with early mechanical effects, and each scene had a voice-box or book that would tell the story associated with it.

Since its inception the collection of scenes continued to grow, building moments from stories ranging from Little Red Riding Hood to The Indian Water Lillies. Each new scene maintained Pieck’s signature style, even as the technology evolved, and even as older fairytale scenes were updated and replaced. Today there are a total 28 scenes, each culled from the fairy tale greats such as Hans Christian Anderson and The Brothers Grimm. And just like the original stories, they continue to prove just a little creepy.

I’d love to see a full photo collection of the pre-Efteling lanscapes.

See the modern park here.

Stephen Gibb

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Stephen Gibb paints comically unsettling bits of surreal scenery, teeming with anthropomorphic foods, inanimate objects and animals.


One of my favorite things about art in this vein is that it seems to gently hint at some rather serious themes…while never taking itself too seriously.

I encourage you to read the titles of each piece, if you explore his online galleries.

From the artist bio:
The gory details…..
Stephen was dropped on his head as a baby while his mother was visiting the Museum of Modern Art. Ever since, he has been drawing, painting and scratching in a non-stop orgy of creation. His paintings are psychological offerings, rich in irony and distortions, bristling with sublime, psychotropic colours. Human forms struggle in an existential blending of mind and machine yet up through the conflict a subtle black humour percolates. Always wear your helmet.



Stephen Gibb

Julianna Menna

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From afar, you might think you’re looking at panels and portraits by one of the old masters.


But stepping closer you will see that Julianna Menna’s subjects differ ever so slightly from those in classical portraiture…in that they are inhuman and have no flesh.



Adornments spring from imaginary period costumes, unique yet strangely congruent with something that we…or a vaguely anthropomorphic species…might have invented in another time and place.


Julianna Menna

Holiday Desktop Goodies 12/21

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Ready for some creeptastic Christmas treats?










SuperTeen Merry Kiss-Mas

Wait for it…

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Halloween Countdown: Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Shirt

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Due to illness, it’s been well over a year since I’ve done any kind of crafty project. I miss crafting every single day! Although I’m not actually able to leave the house this Halloween, that’s no excuse not to try to make my own fun here!

My lovely cousin Alaine and I had a mini craft party so I could make an idea I had been pondering this past week: ATTACK OF THE KILLER TOMATOES SHIRT!

If you are not familiar with this fine film, it is a must-see for any B-movie fan.


So here’s my shirt. I could see people perusing the booths of horror conventions wearing a fine killer tomato face.


Here it is, stuffed with a pillow, looking all round and evil (I’m way too skinny to give it its rightful shape).


I found a random bottle of green hairspray in the house (jackpot, right?) so I thought I’d make my hair into tomato “vines.” This was a marvelous failure. I couldn’t get much color to actually come out of the bottle, so I ended up with splotchy green patches here and there, and a whole lot of compressed air shooting in my face.

Now look at the camera and say FAIL!

I also made a valiant, though completely unsuccessful, effort with the bathroom mirror to get a picture that showed me with the entire T-shirt. I couldn’t use flash due to the reflection, and without flash I couldn’t stay still enough to get a shot that wasn’t blurry enough to be considered bad conceptual art.

Oh well.

As you may remember from Rabid Mouse Attack, I really enjoy making cheap, cheesy horror costumes. Are you dressing up this year? Did you make a costume?

Cannot type/talk due to severe illness (all words courtesy of voice software or kind typing helpers)…I read and appreciate all comments…Apologies for not being able to respond.

Hanna Jaeun

Posted in anatomy, anthropomorphic, art, surreal on August 31, 2013 by bettiemuldoon

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Today you have Hanna Jaeun‘s art to tickle your fancy.




Boris Pelcer

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Boris Pelcer.




Walter Potter

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Many of us are no doubt aware of the fantastical Victorian taxidermy vignettes of Walter Potter, even if his name is not on our tongues. His Museum of Curiosities closed nearly four decades ago, and the collection was sold off in recent years.  “Mr Potter started his collection at the age of 19 when his canary died and he dissected the bird before stuffing it for display in the family summer house. His family kept his museum in Bramber, Sussex open after his death in 1918.”

The link to an article on the “recreation” of Potter’s museum for a limited exhibit has some wonderful images. We hope the ones below will whet your interest.






Walter Potter working

Potter Museum Article

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