Obvious Plant

Jeff Wysaski has been leaving hilarious signs and products in public places in a project known as Obvious Plant.


At first, he was worried that people would notice what he was doing, but quickly discovered that most witnesses were far too wrapped up in their own worlds to notice (even store employees didn’t notice blatant faux product placement!).


We can get so used to the mundanity of existence that most of us would fail to distinguish the plants from the overwhelming amount of visual stimuli we encounter each day. One benefit of being housebound with chronic illness for years is that even the quickest trip to a drug store seems miraculous…like I’m seeing everything for the first time! I find myself drinking in all sorts of glossed-over details of simple products on the shelves, marveling. But I bet I could miss the plants too.


I think my whole wekk would be made if I ever saw one of these. I think he should have local volunteers placing them everywhere around the country. Please start a movement, Jeff!


Obvious Plant


4 Responses to “Obvious Plant”

  1. Kelly Goles Says:

    I would absolutely volunteer for this!

  2. Me too! That’s hilarious!

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