Robert Hodgin: Dodecahedral Variations

I found this while looking for Ernst Haeckel pieces to feature in various craft projects…and I love this sculpture so much I can barely stand it.

Robert Hodgin created a series of magnetic solids inspired by magnetism (of course) and mathematical concepts in a two person show at the Gray Area Foundation for the Arts (GAFFTA).


In his own words:
The largest structure required a temporary scaffold of sorts. Without the scaffold, I would be unable to complete the form without it succumbing to gravity. This structure took me a few hours to create and on the day of the show, it collapsed on the way to the gallery. I ended up rebuilding it the day of the show.


These forms are created with cylinder magnets, spherical magnets, and ball bearings. Magnetism is the only thing holding the forms together. They are fairly fragile and picking them up will likely crush them. All of the forms I created were variations of the 12 sided dodecahedron. This particular platonic solid seems to be the form the magnets are happiest with.


Robert Hodgin


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