The Outlander Apothecary

I’ve never seen the Starz series Outlander so I can’t attest to its quality…but I CAN fawn over these apothecary still frames which are unbelievably awesome.


This is everything I love about the apothecary aesthetic (is that even a thing? It is to me). I’ve been oddly fixated on painting a room in my house teal lately, and this isn’t helping.



Do watch Outlander? Is it worth seeing?


4 Responses to “The Outlander Apothecary”

  1. The Outlander show on Stars is very good. However, having said that, I would recommend reading the books . If not instead then in addition. The detail and story are so much richer when you read them.
    I admit I am biased though, as they are my favorite books EVER.

  2. I sort of liked both the book and the series (well, I read one book and watched the first series). But I found myself getting annoyed at a) the amount of foolin’ around (geez–they make bunnies look like nuns) and b) the number of times Jaime got beaten almost to death. After awhile I just flipped through those pages. The book would be about a third shorter and a lot more tightly written without *quite* so much description of those two items.

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