We Interrupt This Blog for a Serendipitous Kitten Rescue Story

In an utterly surreal event, THIS ran under our car in the middle of moving traffic on a gigantic highway yesterday. It was the very last place one would expect to find a kitten, as there were no wooded or residential areas for many miles. He was all the way in the left lane, and undoubtedly seconds from being roadkill. We screeched to a halt and scooped him up. He’s 7-8 weeks old, one pound, around the size of an adult fist.


He has a shockingly sweet temperament for a feral, and checked out fine at the vet. We have a black and white cat already, and this fellow is black AND white. Fate, right?


I’ll never forget the site of Casey emerging from under the car holding this fellow as traffic frantically whooshed by in all directions. He opened the door and said “I guess we have a new kitten.” “Um…I guess so!” I said…already completely in love (can you blame me with that face?).

Name ideas, anyone?


17 Responses to “We Interrupt This Blog for a Serendipitous Kitten Rescue Story”

  1. How about naming him, The Highwayman?

  2. Carrie Filetti Says:

    Ohhh!! ❤ We are still trying to catch the little stray around our house. Thank you for being such a dear soul & saving him ❤ I think you should call him Lugosi 😉

  3. Bele — the character on Star Trek who was both black and white (and played by Frank Gorshin!)

  4. xophertm Says:

    He looks like a Terrence to me.

    My own rescue (all black) is called Steve.

  5. linnerlu Says:

    He’s beautiful! I love you for saving his life. How about “Basquiat” for a name?

  6. I had this same thing happen to me. Someone tried to through the kitty off a bridge on I5. I stopped picked him up and named him Roadie. We had many happy years together. I wish you the same.

    • What a sweet story! I have to mention though being a protective mom: CASEY WHAT ON EARTH WERE YOU THINKING ENDANGERING YOUR SELF AND DANA IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HGWAY! Feeewww!!!! You all had an angel looking over you!
      Ok, on a lighter note you should name the cat “Nine” for the obvious nine lives trademark and if I am guessing correctly, was rescued on the 29th!
      Let me know what you decide and when are we getting together!!??!!

  7. Such luck for the 3 of you, you and Casey that you found such a sweetheart and the kitten that he was found by you guys! I think Jack (Skellington) is a wonderful name for this black and white cutie.

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