Camille Rose Garcia: Animus Chrysalis Mortis

I can never let a new Camille Rose Garcia show debut without posting about it. Just looking at the title of this one made me wish I were 3,000 miles away where I could see it (there’s a bonus Bowie portrait, for all the fans in mourning out there!).


Animus Chrysalis Mortis just opened at Roq La Rue gallery in Seattle. In the exhibition statement, she says:
For this body of work I was inspired by the surrealist and deeply symbolic films of Alejandro Jodorowsky, Jungian archetypes, and Greek mythology.


I created a personal language of symbols, then made a card set and selected at random a different set for each new painting. This method taps into the elements of subconscious influence and chance, as well as mirrors the cut-up method of writing created by one of my favorite authors William Burroughs.


From these subconscious suggestions I created a lush and layered symbolic world that explores the realm of childhood, memory and longing. Ghosts and gardens, snakes and skulls frame fever-dream scenes of wounded goddesses slayed open, fecund gardens growing from their wounds. Vibrant strange gardens populated with insects and dream imagery portray a psychedelic dance between life and death.


See the exhibition online here.


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