El Gato Chimney

El Gato Chimney is a former street artist living in Milan. A local legend purports that the Devil approached him and offered him success in exchange for his soul. And while he refuses to comment on this modern day Faustian agreement…he has since been featured rather prominently in the art world (tee-hee).


His work often re-appropriates symbols of alchemy, folk magic and various schools of occultism, but he does make a point to extensively study the historical meanings.


Each piece has meaning for him, but he prefers to keep his own interpretations quiet in order to let the viewer fully partake in the subjective experience. Our associations differ so vastly…I think it’s wise to let each viewer construct his or her own meaning and stories.

Most pieces contain elements of ritual, virtue and vice mingling together (which appeals to me because these elements of our existence seem to configure in holographic fashion, rather than staying confined to one-dimensional respective polarities).

El Gato Chimney


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