Zollmen Fancy Toys

This toy…is amazing. I mean, really, it stops you in your tracks with its globular golden head and triple fanged…whatever that look is. Seeing it made me wish I were more well versed in Japanese designer toys.

These are called Takemi and they come from Zollmen. Unfortunately, they’ll set you back $125, which some might not be willing to pay for such purposeful ugliness.


The company website was down, but here are some other incredible toys that show up in a google image search.


Look at this poor lonely fellow! I want to adopt him.

If you a bit about where to find more examples of outrageous fancy vinyl toys, please share.


One Response to “Zollmen Fancy Toys”

  1. Visit (perhaps join) Skullbrain and enter the world of all things Soft Vinyl toys 🙂

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