Survival Quest!

It’s been a long time since I’ve given a health update on this blog because I’ve wanted the focus to be on interesting and entertaining content. But the truth is, I’m quite literally in a fight for my life.

My amazing father created this page, which gives a great summary of the story and status:

Help Bring My Daughter Back to Life


As I said to some of my friends recently, I love this planet…I know some really great people on this planet…and I’d like to stay on this planet a while to make, do, and help things. The medical system gave up on me for 21 years, then miraculously diagnosed me, then found a cure, then denied me the cure. Time is now of the essence.


I know times are tough, so no pressure to donate. If you feel comfortable doing so, it would really help to share the link via social networking (and/or personal email if possible since things get lost in the FB shuffle). If you do donate, please make sure I have your mailing address. When I’m able, I want to send a handmade/written token of gratitude to everyone who helped make my recovery possible!

Much love and thanks…

Help Bring My Daughter Back to Life


8 Responses to “Survival Quest!”

  1. Wow! Watching the donations grow! So excited for you Dana, and your Dad is awesome.

  2. Reblogged this on My Pink Planet and commented:
    This is a blog I’ve followed for a number of years now, and have found to be quite inspiring. The curator of this blog has suffered a mysterious illness for a very long time and eventually was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme disease. Now, it seems that treatment is available, but her insurance company, and we all know how compassionate and ethical they are, has chosen not to cover her treatment. If you can, please help, either by making a donation, or by following her blog which has kept her going for so many years.

  3. Susan Doucette Says:

    Hello, I am also a Chronic Lyme sufferer who searched for years for the proper diagnosis. I am blessed to live in a state that has a mandate that your insurance company has to pay if you get a diagnosis of Lyme. Some people actually move to the states that have that. That’s a big problem in itself as the medical community has their heads in the sand. After watching “Under Our Skin” it gave me a huge wake up call. I urge everyone to watch it, quite an eye opener about the CDC. More and more people are being diagnosed and it’s a blessing. Us Lyme warriors will not sit down and be quiet about it. Too many people has been misdiagnosed and are suffering severely and some have lost their lives. I belong to many Lyme groups that I will share this for you as well. As long a greed wins we all pay.

  4. I have never in my life been this sorry about being an absolutely broke student 😦 In the absence of more concrete ways of helping you, I am keeping you in my thoughts, and am sending you all the positive energy I can muster. Live long and prosper, Dana, don’t leave us!

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