Eva Jospin

Thank you, Bill, for sharing Eva Jospin’s large scale cardboard cutout forests.


They’re rather like meta-forests, made from the wood that once comprised trunks and branches…deconstructed, formed into products…then cut, glued, arranged and layered to resemble their original form.


From the Source:
The forest – an incarnation of nature in the wild – is above all the setting in traditional storytelling of tests of courage, and can be a gloomy or initiatory place. The forest is also where one encounters oneself. This walk through the forest initiates the visit to ‘ Inside’, which is also an inner journey.


To look at a forest is an optical experience that challenges the typical laws of perspective in western representation. Facing visually the depth of a forest means to forget the horizon, it means to get lost. And is not the danger of getting lost the only risk tied up to that natural labyrinth that is a forest?


Eva Jospin


2 Responses to “Eva Jospin”

  1. This is fantastic! I could imagine 2D drawings looking just like this, maybe as beautiful backdrops in a Little Red Riding Hood book or something. But they’re 3D! But also sort of 2D. Weird.

    Also, blocks of forest-mystery concentrate. I wonder what happens when you just add water?

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