Brian Demers

Unfortunately, I’m running out of image space in my blog storage so I can’t post these full size. They’re very much worth looking at in full resolution because Brian Demers is a cross hatching virtuoso.

It’s hard to tell at this size, but these pieces are made pretty much entirely of tiny delicate line strokes.

Regarding his work, Demers states: “I work in ink because there is no going back; once the stroke has been laid, it is permanent…much like decisions in life. My work is very personal, and explores themes of alienation and absurdity. I’m a very solitary person, and utilize art to attempt to understand the strangeness of the world that I see around me.”


Huh…it never occurred to me to think of pencil as particularly non-committal in art, but he does have a point about pens.


See more, and the full size images here.


4 Responses to “Brian Demers”

  1. Sometimes it takes a grasshopper in a cup of coffee to really understand the world

  2. very extraordinary. I like the fish in the first drawing.

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