Haven Gallery: Music Box

Another great show opens at Haven Gallery tonight!


From the show description:
The art of music has spanned centuries and served a number of purposes throughout time. The power of music can be both a unifying force as well as one of individual solace. In other cases, it can also be one of discord or even anguish.


The ability for expression through sound has proven to serve a variety of purposes; inspiration, comfort, pain and bringing people together. In “Music Box”, artists look to a lyric, song title, band name, etc., to influence them for the creation of their artwork.


The intertwining of music with the artist’s medium will be contemplated and embraced. The creative expression of music and how it relates to the artist’s technique, medium, mentality and/or subject on an emotional and physical level will also be considered.


Stop by in person from 6-8pm, or see the show online HERE.


3 Responses to “Haven Gallery: Music Box”

  1. I’m guessing that first one is from They Might Be Giants- Blue canary in the outlet by the light switch. Who watches over you. Make a little birdhouse in your soul…..x

  2. Sweats & Thangs Says:

    nice call geen geenie!

    and holy CRAP that OWL. must. own. wonder if there are prints available…….

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