Peter Goode

Today, I bring you the creatures of Peter Goode.


From the excellent description in the artist bio:
His rich and detailed paintings depict emotive creatures in various stages of self reflection and spiritual illumination.


They are neurotic do-gooders, abandoned explorers and sentinels, estranged lovers, wooly bodhisattvas, aimless angelic oracles, whispering wratihs, reformed scoundrels, weathered widows, impish frolickers, and hungry ghosts.


I really should start a “monster pathos” tag on this blog, for the sweet, forlorn, misunderstood monsters who make their way onto these pages.

Peter Goode


2 Responses to “Peter Goode”

  1. Awwww, poor guys. Never did something with such big claws look more in need of a hug

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