Hallowvember: How Pumpkins Feel About Being Carved

As a child with, for better or worse, an exaggerated sense of empathy, I remember asking my mother if pumpkins felt pain when we carved them. She reassured me they did not (though fascinating plant studies have emerged to indicate otherwise, at least with plants still growing in soil).

Here we have 3 whimsical jack o’lanterns that are appropriately irked by having their insides scooped out.






5 Responses to “Hallowvember: How Pumpkins Feel About Being Carved”

  1. Love the one that bites back!
    In our house we call the week after Halloween “HollowGiving” and celebrate with 50% off candy.

  2. Haha, that last one! I don’t like the idea of fruit and vegetables feeling pain. The whole thing about getting skinned and boiled alive is far too disturbing for my delicate sensibilities.

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