Halloween Countdown: My Haunted Body

Sadly, my countdown got derailed for a day. On top of my plentiful standard health problems, I got walloped with three kidney stones that have left me curled up on the bed and unable to concentrate.

But it turns out there are some cool creatures living in my body, as evidenced by my CT scan results. For example, check out this bat!

butt bat

My guts are also haunted.
bone ghost

What does this one look like to you? In my opinion, a Tapir.
butt tapir

I have no idea what I’ll be feeling like tomorrow, so if I don’t make it on here…HAPPY HALLOWEEN! And thank you all so much for reading.


11 Responses to “Halloween Countdown: My Haunted Body”

  1. Hope you’re back on the spooky track soon, there’s still Day Of The Dead! đŸ˜¨

  2. Be well… Hang in there Baby!!!

  3. Oh I’m so sorry you’re feeling so poorly, and at holiday time to boot. My thoughts are with you.


  4. Hi Dana, Hope you have a Happy Halloween!

  5. Yikes, kidney stones. Sorry to hear about all that. Hope you feel well!

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