Halloween Countdown: Amazing Amateur Jack O’ Lanterns

One of my biggest Internet pet peeves is picture galleries that require one to click a new page for every single image. Usually, I just give up because it’s profoundly irritating to wait for each one to load (use a thumbnail gallery, damnit!). But I wanted to share some awesome Jack O’ Lanterns submitted to This Old House last year for the annual pumpkin carving contest.


Yes, I clicked through the whole gallery of finalists, because I love you guys that much.

I was really impressed with the skills and creativity these contestants demonstrate.





See the full gallery here.


2 Responses to “Halloween Countdown: Amazing Amateur Jack O’ Lanterns”

  1. Oh man, that alien one is a completely different idea of what a Jack o’ Lantern can be! And that “feed me Seymour” plant one, great stuff!

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      The plant is truly exceptional. These made me think outside the box for my designs this year (which are going to be intentionally lowbrow for comic effect though)

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