Halloween Countdown: Charmed Confections

Charmed Confections is a “whimsical Sweet Shoppe of unique folk art.” I can be a bit picky about cutesy Halloween decor, but artist LeeAnn Kress does a fabulous job.


A young Dana would have gone mad for this doll.

Ghoulie Cakes

front of bat

The eyeballs in the drinks are an excellent detail. One doesn’t often say this about skeletons, but, they really look like they love each other.
Skellie Trunk

Charmed Confections


4 Responses to “Halloween Countdown: Charmed Confections”

  1. Colleen Van Voorhis Says:

    I really like the two skellies at the end. I agree… I like the eye balls in the glasses. Something about those two that makes me smile. I certainly wouldn’t refuse the pair if someone offered! 🎃❤️

  2. I love how cheerful they all look

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