Otto Rapp

I came across the following macabre yet captivating image by Otto Rapp and fiendishly searched for more.


Many would be quick to associate his work with classic surrealism (which he does cite as an influence), but he balks at the idea of, pardon the pun, being painted into this corner.

He states:
I do not concern myself with the elimination of the rational, the exclusivity of the irrational and the absurd, but presentation of the conscious and subconscious world as an inseparable whole. I draw my inspirations from the layered labyrinth underground which represents the other side of life, which is an inner imaginative-inspirational counterpart to the outer world, expressed with the help of logic-alogic associations, analogisations and symbolism.

His portfolio is teeming with richly detailed paintings and drawings. Have a look.

Otto Rapp


4 Responses to “Otto Rapp”

  1. These are so gruesome. It’s a weird effect for me, somehow all the delicate little feathery bits and lattice stuff end up looking horribly fleshy and grotesque.

  2. finding fans via my image alert Pixsy – cool, took some time though. The top one is probably the most shared one of my work, but also one of my oldest.

  3. Reblogged this on Otto Rapp’s Blog and commented:
    Interesting to find fans via a image search feature I subscribed to.

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