Edith Waddell

Peruvian born artist Edith Waddell is a painter, illustrator and printmaker who often combines traditional painting with collage and digital work.


Many of her works are brightly colored, tempered with soft pastels…filled with feminine imagery, botanicals and spiritual symbolism.

At times, she employs a kind of beautiful yet unsettling symmetry that makes one feel as if staring at a colorful Rorschach test.

She states:
My goal is to make visible that which is overlooked, confronting the public with the dark and mysterious aspects of their own psyches, emotional struggles, and their relationship with the natural environment. My work is an invitation to make an introspective examination and reflection into our own existence, both physical and spiritual.



Edith Waddell


One Response to “Edith Waddell”

  1. Very beautiful! Love the bright colours in these. It’s weird taking a close look and seeing all the eyes and mouths all about the place

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