Steven Russell Black

Steven Russell Black’s monochromatic pieces often make me feel like I’m looking at double exposed photographs…in hell.


We see beauty unhinged, morphing, revealing realities strange and sinister under the surface.

His subjects are caught in moments of unveiling an extreme duality.


Or perhaps, an awakening…a transmutation.

Steven Russell Black


4 Responses to “Steven Russell Black”

  1. Yikes! I feel like this is all telling us that humans are really scary once you get to know them.

  2. Each piece tells of two sides. The “innocence and newness” of a child crying, drifting away to reveal, what I see as, “death and decay” awaiting. The second, I see the double fish sign of pisces, or deuling traits, which materialize into a human being – the double nature of the human being itself. I love all the art, but i don’t want to write a long comment so, i’m done! This is fantastic.

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