Cory Benhatzel

Cory Benhatzel’s glowing white-eyed animals perch among occult symbols and pieces of nature, often appearing as if they are in the midst of various conjurations and psychic phenomena.


From the artist bio:
Inspiration comes from such diverse worlds as The Last Unicorn and Disney movies to magic, witchcraft and nature itself.


In addition to personal and occult symbolism, Cory employs Floriography, the Victorian- era form of communication also called The Language of Flowers within each piece. By this code, every flower has a specific meaning which lends itself to the imagery.


Perhaps this is what my black and white cats do when I’m not looking at night…

Cory Benhatzel


2 Responses to “Cory Benhatzel”

  1. These are so mystical, love it! I hope your cats aren’t beckoning crafty poltergeists

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      They’ve been beckoning all sorts of entities from beyond lately. Yet I can’t seem to find any “get your cats to stop conjuring” disciplinary instructions.

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