Haunted Mansion Board Game

Did anyone have the Haunted Mansion Board Game released by Lakeside Games in 1972?


Unfortunately, my source image doesn’t enlarge enough to really read the text…but look at that backdrop!

I’m (surprisingly) not very into board games, but this would be especially great for the Halloween season. I’d love to take my plastic Doom Buggy way through this board.

Haunted Mansion Board Game


6 Responses to “Haunted Mansion Board Game”

  1. Everyone needs a plastic Doom Buggy!

  2. I’m not at all familiar this game, but i do still have my Green Ghost game which was very popular throughout the late 1960’s and 1970’s. If you’ve not heard of this game, check it out, I think you’ll enjoy it. http://www.greenghostgame.com/

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