Image Odyssey: Vintage Flea Circus

My darling little kittens (who have not even left the top floor of my house yet), got fleas from a visiting family member’s outdoor cat, and it’s been impossible to get rid of them despite the most exhaustive efforts.

So we have to call in professionals today. While they work, feast your eyes on some vintage flea circus images (if ONLY these little buggers could be even mildly entertaining in this house…instead of the pestilent spawn of Hell they’ve proven to be).










4 Responses to “Image Odyssey: Vintage Flea Circus”

  1. Good luck ridding your home of those non- preforming freeloaders.

  2. Wow, those flea circuses really took over the world. I have a tough time thinking of their antics as “feats of daring and strength”, though!

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