Ravendark Creations

Ravendark Creations is the work of Arend Smith. Here you will find amazing one of a kind, quirky creations such as:

Cyclops Squirrel

Saber Snails! These may be my favorite.

Voodoo Puppet

Carnivorous Plants

The Cheshire Cat (I think this is a model kit design, actually. I’d love to make this!)

Most sculptures are polyclay (often inspired by his wife’s art!), but some are available as resin kits so you can bring these fine creatures into your own home and take part in the creation process.

Ravendark Creations


2 Responses to “Ravendark Creations”

  1. It’s a Cthulhu Mythos squirrel! Love these things, they look so lively!

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