Lizz Lopez: Hands

Her website is down at the moment (at least for me; not sure if it’s maintenance), so I’ll link to Lizz Lopez’s Facebook page.

Aside from the face, the hands are perhaps the most expressive part of the body, and Lopez is truly gifted in her depiction of expressive hands. I could not look away from this:


In a number of pieces, flesh fades to bone…alive and possessing stories to tell, with a subtle reminder that it’s all ephemeral.

She has many other talents, but allow your eye to get lost in the gnarls and folds of these soulful digits…

Lizz Lopez


2 Responses to “Lizz Lopez: Hands”

  1. Very nice! Hands are strangely overlooked and it seems everyone has trouble drawing them, but somehow all those bones and veins and muscles lying just below the surface are interesting.

    Gotta love those cruella nails, too!

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