Invictus Designs: Tooth Fairy

Upon hearing the words “Tooth Fairy,” most of us probably conjure up sweet, fluttering little fairies. Invictus Designs has a different idea:


Yes, kids…all the times you thought this was visiting you in your sleep…


…it was really THIS!

Shhh…don’t tell the others.

Invictus Designs


6 Responses to “Invictus Designs: Tooth Fairy”

  1. You should watch the Hellboy movies if you haven’t already; these little fellows make a few appearances in the second one!

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      Ohhhh…I only saw the first one! I knew Invictus designed for professional media, but had no idea about this. Thanks!

  2. johnkutensky Says:

    Have you seen Hellboy 2? Those tooth fairies are from it. That film has a lot of cool designs. I loved the whole Troll Market scene.

  3. It looks so… RIGHT! I wonder if it’s partly based on praying mantises? With those 6 spiky limbs…

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