Nana Akua’s Temari Balls

I just browsed about 400 embroidered Temari Balls, and I’m blown away by this art form.


Flickr user Nana Akua has uploaded a giant collection of these marvelous pieces, all crafted by her 92 year old grandmother (who, incidentally, has made over 500 balls).


From my article source:

They are traditionally cherished as objects of friendship and loyalty. The bright colors symbolize luck and happiness for the recipient of the gift. And it isn’t only considered an honor to receive a Temari ball, but also to produce them. To qualify as a Temari ball artist, the individual has to display a high level of skill and technique.


Temari were often given to children from their parents on New Year’s Day. Inside the tightly wrapped layers of each ball, the mother would have placed a small piece of paper with a goodwill wish for her child. The child would never be told what wish his or her mother had made while making the ball.


I’m so impressed with the flow of the designs, the skilled use of geometry and color…the symbolism. I want to make one of these for everyone who has stood by me (and continues to do so) through my health troubles. What a meaningful gift.

See many more and prepare to be amazed HERE.


7 Responses to “Nana Akua’s Temari Balls”

  1. They’re really amazing! I can’t believe the amount of detail in there, love the colours and symmetry. Marvellous!

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      I want to live past 92, so I can be the kind of 92 year old who is cool enough to make these.

  2. fantastic works

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