Damian Majcherek

Things are hectic non-blogular real life, but I want to share this terrific image by Damian Majcherek.


He looks mildly puzzled that his guts are all over the forest floor. Isn’t it the perfect blend of glowing, ethereal fantasy land and evisceration?


4 Responses to “Damian Majcherek”

  1. ~meredith Says:

    (and too much Benefiber in your diet?) what a wild composition!

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      HAHAHA. “Benefiber Side Effects: bloating, heartburn, indigestion. Notify your doctor if your intestines spontaneously burst out of your body onto the ground.”

  2. Suddenly the story of Humpty Dumpty is that much more gory

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