Summary Bug

Summary Bug is a roundup of hilarious, unintentional text glitches in Netflix (and cable) show descriptions.

My favorite:

Hm. They’ve taken some artistic liberties in this adaptation, and let the Hunchback branch out into the career he always dreamed of: time traveling paleontological ophthalmologist.

I knew his noble stoicism was a front.

A phenomenological tour de force, no doubt:

Followers are starting to post their own fabulous glitches. Some are truly amazing.

I hope these glitches never get fixed.

Summary Bug


5 Responses to “Summary Bug”

  1. KEric Andersen Says:

    The text glitches sound way better than the actual shows. Or are they text glitches? Maybe somebody’s having a blast.

  2. caspa'al the friendly ghost Says:

    These are hysterical!!

    The Time-Traveling Hunchback of the Cretaceous Extinction Event is even funnier knowing that it stars Jason Alexander.

  3. Gosh… I wonder what “Green Goblin” means? First Churchill’s “Black Dog”, now this.

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