Marcin Kolpanowicz

Marcin Kolpanowicz is a Polish surrealist painter who is especially talented with large, complex buildings in various stages of motion and decay.



I’m also a fan of his “Traveler’s Room” series, where we see a number of unconventionally arranged dwellings.


Marcin Kolpanowicz


5 Responses to “Marcin Kolpanowicz”

  1. Wow these are stunning!!!

  2. I love those mythical cities! That staircase must be so busy in rush hour

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      I know, and if there’s one thing worse than crowds, it’s crowds defying gravity in all directions.

  3. I want to start my own blog: are there such thing as blogs that are totally “open”, and anybody can view it? I keep coming to the kind where you have to add other “friends” to use the site. . Links appreciated. Thanks!.

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