Gourmet Paper Mache

When I first saw Dan Reader’s amazing faux taxidermy trophies, I thought “Wow…this isn’t the paper mache I did in grade school.” Then I clicked on his homepage and saw the tagline “Not your grade school paper mache.”



He specializes in dragons that have, shall we say, personality.

This light up Maleficent received a great deal of attention around the Internet, for good reason.

And have you ever seen a ZOMBIE dragon? You have now.

I love the fact that Reeder never duplicates commissions, no matter how high the demand, because he wants his patrons to have truly unique, special pieces.

Gourmet Paper Mache


3 Responses to “Gourmet Paper Mache”

  1. Maleficent is looking very sleek and smooth, which is impressive, but I do really like that ragged look in the others. It suits their facial expressions!

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