Strange Remains Week: Burial Pods

I got in a little over my head committing to Strange Remains Week, because I have over 20 links to modern fringe postmortem preferences. Perhaps I will have to combine a few of them in each post. But let’s start with my favorite: the Burial Pod.


The Capsula Mundi concept, from designers Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel, uses an egg-shaped burial pod made from biodegradable starch plastic as the coffin, in which the body is placed in a fetal position and buried under the ground. A tree (or tree seed) is then planted over the top of the pod, which will use the nutrients from the decomposing body as fertilizer for its growth.

I personally feel that a “sacred forest” of trees honoring the deceased, each one unique, growing, giving life, is far superior to boxes and stones that just SIT there in traditional cemeteries. I’m in favor of personal markers by each tree to commemorate the (former) person helping it thrive. Apparently there are legal regulation issues with implementing this sort of green burial.

How do you feel about this idea? Would you like to return to nature?

Burial Pod


2 Responses to “Strange Remains Week: Burial Pods”

  1. That’s a cool idea, it very much embraces that whole decomposition thing which tombs and cremation try to run away from. Put them in the foetal position is rather poetic, too.

  2. Green cemeteries that have no markers just GPS locations might allow the tree pods. I plan to have my cremains used in the building of a reef. Love that you can add dear pet cremains as well.
    Looking forward to this series.

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