Marina Yamkoskaia: The Owls That Fooled the Internet

A few weeks ago, I posted these adorable little creatures in a Desktop Goodies roundup.

A helpful reader linked me to the Snopes article debunking the claim that these are indeed real animals (my sources said they were, and in this case I didn’t do any further research! I wanted to believe!).


These babies are the work of plush artist Marina Yamkoskaia, and her other creations are every bit as capable of activating extreme cuteness aggression.



So…much…CUTE…can’t handle…the…CUTE!

Marina Yamkoskaia


8 Responses to “Marina Yamkoskaia: The Owls That Fooled the Internet”

  1. TOO cuddle-worthy!

  2. They’re Soooooo cute! Except the last one, that one is definitely drunk.

  3. Shelley Says:

    Where can I buy them?

  4. Catherine Mertz Says:

    I’m interested in purchasing, too! Does anyone know how to pursue?

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