Mahlimae is a group of dolls crafted by Nicole Watt.


From the artist bio:
Nicole is an internationally exhibited self-taught mixed media sculpture artist living and creating in the wilderness of Southern Tasmania, Australia. Her exquisitely simplistic and charming characters blossom from a magical world long forgotten; a world hidden in the shadows of imagination where the wind blows wild, the trees groan with ancient secrets born from the whispers of the fae.


Her work is inspired by ancient folklore, the mysterious beauty in the darkness at the heart of a forest, and the energies which radiate from worn, tattered fabrics. Within the subtle expressions of her creations secrets and stories are hidden. Each piece is carefully hand sculpted and designed using gathered natural materials. The final works are pulled together by a common theme of possibility, a longing for connection, and an aim to intrigue.


Who knew that faces with NO features and black dots for eyes could be so expressive! These deceptively “simple” creations manage to evoke all kinds of feelings. That takes talent.





4 Responses to “Mahlimae”

  1. ~meredith Says:

    these are really, really cool. wow, would i love to adopt.

  2. Carrie Filetti Says:

    These are not dolls, they actually live near the little stream down by my house. 🙂

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