Gabriel Picolo: 365 Days of Doodles

What Gabriel Picolo calls “doodles” are pretty great little pieces of art (I wish my doodles looked like this! I may be a multimedia craftaholic, but if I just take a pen and draw in a notebook it looks like a kid did it).



I feel like these belong in a graphic novel.

I’m partial to this one due to its symbolic implications; the personas and facades we adopt that hang over us, to be called upon as occasion dictates.

…and I miss having cats. Though I do not miss the unfortunate watery lessons they learned the hard way by falling into a full bathtub when mommy wasn’t looking.

Gabriel Picolo


One Response to “Gabriel Picolo: 365 Days of Doodles”

  1. Yeah, any one of these would take me days of hard labour and it would be a bit rubbish and I’d be way too proud of it to call it a doodle.

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