Mad Mad Mad Scientist Laboratory

Got $2,3000 to spend on a toy? Consider the Mad Mad Mad Scientist Laboratory.


Found on Ebay:
One of the holy grails on Monster toys. 1965 The Mad Mad Mad Scientist Laboratory Sold briefly through the back pages of Famous Monsters of Filmland Magazine. Original Cost – $4.95. Considered the rarest Monster toy in existence. Only 4 known to exist. This is the second finest one known. Would be considered mint but one of the chemicals leaked and damaged the bottom of the box. Other than that, cover is super mint and shiny.


It actually looks like a pretty amazing kit. The test tubes appear a bit more “real” than I would expect. I’d love to hand make something like this for a special kid; set up a whole box of mad scientist goodies with a cool cover.

Did you have any science toys as a kid? What was your favorite?

Mad Mad Mad Scientist Laboratory


2 Responses to “Mad Mad Mad Scientist Laboratory”

  1. Strangertobluewater Says:

    Ugh, leaking chemicals ruin everything!

    I had the Fischer Price Science Kit which had a working microscope! It even included specimen jars and slides. This is likely what started it all for me.

    This is weirdly the only pic that seems to exist online:

  2. Peter Mikkelsen Says:

    This set reminds me of the good, old days, the 1960’s and of course, Famous Monsters of filmland. Reading those old issues today and seing the ads for all the truly cool montser-related (most of them!) things! I should have bought 20 of each!

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