Tinycup Needlework

Tinycup Needlework features beautifully embroidered skulls and bones, alongside tiny roses and the occasional noose.


I’m touched by the story of how she began the craft:

Last winter was horribly cold, the person that I loved was at that point living very far away, and I needed something to help keep me sane. I’ve been a maker of many things for as long as I can remember, but one day after having experimented with burlap and yarn, I decided to explore something more intricate. I employed the knowledge of the Internet, and henceforth taught myself to embroider.

I deal with missing loved ones by making things, too. It somehow helps.


She continues:

As a sort of old soul, I have always sort of gravitated toward things that were more hands on and intimate. I began embroidering tokens as little gifts for the person I loved and missed… monograms, images of inside jokes, that sort of thing. We wrote to each other regularly, and just as our great grand parents may have sent a lock of hair (or some such token) to their sweetheart, I sent these little stitch pieces as something for him to hold on to.

Who wouldn’t melt when receiving and embroidered skeleton?



Tinycup Needlework


5 Responses to “Tinycup Needlework”

  1. Carrie Filetti Says:

    You know how much I love these ❤

  2. These are really a charming, weird kind of romance. Gotta have the occasional noose!

  3. I love this! She makes it look so simple, but with the little embroidery I’ve done, I know it’s not. Thanks for posting!

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      You’re very welcome. I haven’t done much embroidering either, but I can imagine it’s pretty tough/intricate work!

  4. You’ve got one of the best internet websites

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