L.K. Stapleton: Pseudophyta

Lindsay Stapleton has a collection of seamlessly integrated plants and human anatomy.

Gorgeous integration…

In her own words:
I am interested in the idea of constructing organic forms made from incongruous parts. Delving into botany and anatomy, I’m visually researching the similarities between organic life forms and the human body reduced to organic systems and structures.


I would love to have a series of these framed next to each other in my home.



Lindsay Stapleton


4 Responses to “L.K. Stapleton: Pseudophyta”

  1. ~meredith Says:

    extraordinary, and beautiful. my camera seems to have an affinity with Lindsay’s thoughts. 🙂 wow. you find the greatest reads.

  2. ~meredith Says:

    amend: you create the greatest reads.

  3. ~meredith Says:

    thank you.
    (the end.)

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