A Man and His Pug

We interrupt our standard arts ‘n oddities fare to bring you a special announcement full of warm fuzzies. Literally.

I complain a lot about Facebook and haven’t been (personally) “active” on it for years, but it did reconnect me with my great friend Burton, whose contact info got swallowed in a computer crash a decade ago. My heart immediately warmed when he linked me to a current project he’s working on: A Man and His Pug.


A partial description from the site:
A middle aged, disabled man in a mid-life crisis (devastated from the recent loss of his marriage) and his adopted pug (trained as his service dog) set out on a great, continuous adventure… driving across the country to Atlanta, to stay with a dear friend, and clear their heads, to figure out what the next move will be (think Jack Kerouac’s “On The Road”, except with a pug instead of Dean Moriarty! Haha!)… Raising rescue awareness and money for local rescues along the way.

Burton is my kindred Wounded Healer spirit. He too has weathered immense health challenges, but moves forward with courage and grace, brightening the lives of those around him everywhere he goes. And now this kind soul is on an animal rescue mission; it’s a brave (and entertaining) journey.

I can’t wait to get my own t-shirt to support this venture! For now, this lovely little model can show you:

You can follow the blog here, and donate to the cause here.

Way to go, Burton! I’m so proud of you!


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