Gorgeous Holiday Cakes

Courtesy of Cake Wrecks, here are some marvelous holiday cakes. I’m such a sucker for good fondant work.

I’ve never seen this adorable image on a cake before!


Love, love, LOVE this. I miss those old, big light bulbs I had on the tree growing up.


A little postmodern and abstract:

How does one cut this lovely thing?



6 Responses to “Gorgeous Holiday Cakes”

  1. Hahaha! Love that sleeping Santa one!

  2. The full Santa one was pretty great! 😀 …and, wow.. I have major respect for the folks who can make incredibly realistic flowers out of Fondant….. Beautiful!

  3. You had those big, fat, pepper-shaped tree lights too, when you growing up? I rember they got really hot: burned your fingers if you dared touch them (which I always did!) – but oh, they spelled Christmas for me.

    I sooo want cake number 4, btw… – Nx

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