Cereal Killer Cafe

As terrible as I know it is for me, I have a major cereal addition. It’s basically the only thing I never get sick of. A new London restaurant, Cereal Killer Cafe offers a dazzling array of classic and rare cereals.


Twin brothers Alan and Gary Keery have designed a truly amazing tribute to crunchy, boxed morsels worldwide, offering over 60 types of cereal and 30 types of regular and alternative milk (rejoice, ye lactose intolerant!). All milk is offered on the side, so diners can control the exact amount of crunch they desire.

Rare and imported cereals (anyone remember URKEL-O’s? I don’t) are the same price as common ones, which is rather awesome.

The walls are decorated with vintage memorabilia…

And art made of…you guessed it: cereal.

The cafe also features sweet treats and novelties in keeping with their theme.


Keery brothers…please consider a NYC location!

If anyone across the pond stops by, please tell me your impressions of the place!

Cereal Killer Cafe


7 Responses to “Cereal Killer Cafe”

  1. Oh yikes! How old are those Urkel-Os?!… Truly frightening! Hahaha What a discovery! šŸ˜›

  2. Strangertobluewater Says:

    Well, you can’t tire of cereal when there are infinite options and combinations!

    I do love the idea of throwing some organic cashew milk on top of my Apple Jacks, applying the highly scientific “cancellation methodology.”

    Sadly, this will never ever happen in the US because of Trademark and Copyright infringement issues and jackass lawyers.

    Also I don’t see Boo-berry on the shelf which makes me sad.

  3. I think I heard about this place a couple days ago, but I missed almost all of the conversation. Maybe I’ll check it out some time. I still find it hard to call it a “restaurant”, haha!

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