Shiro Cosmetics

Shiro Cosmetics just had my eyes glued to the screen for 20 minutes. This is a cosmetic company with imagination, sense of humor, and seemingly awesome products. Check out the names!

Burdened With Glorious Purpose:

Cognitive Recalibration:

From the company bio:
We’re proud to offer high quality, vegan, cruelty-free makeup which we blend by hand every day in small batches from our lovely little Portland laboratory. Our inspiration comes from the things we’re passionate about (which mostly involves our being giant shameless nerds), which we’ve used to create a wide range of unique, vibrant products and colors.

What Does This Lever Do?

Enormous Green Rage Monster:

I can’t stop listing them! The moment I saw this brand, I did not leave my computer until I had browsed every single item.

You can wow your relatives on Thanksgiving by sporting Turkey Coma!

For those of you who take the time to do facial contouring (I have never attempted it), you’ll find a Benedict Cumberbatch inspired product series:

And the most amazing title…


And on the inside of the container….

Wait for it…


Shiro Cosmetics


5 Responses to “Shiro Cosmetics”

  1. bettiemuldoon Says:

    OMG, Dana! Dare I say vegan’s with humour? Where on earth could I have expected to find them but the Pacific Northwest! (with all respect to any of you out there, I have known some lulus!)

    Perfect for Autumn in New York.

  2. Strangertobluewater Says:

    These all look like scoops of ice cream to me. 😐

    I have a contouring kit from a million years ago, but every time I attempt to use it, I end up looking like Divine.

    The lip glosses on their site look fun, organic, and fool proof.

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      I’d look like something from The Walking Dead with contouring. The last thing I need is MORE prominent cheekbones.

  3. The colors definitely inspire. Those purples! and blacks! These could make a girl want to start wearing makeup daily again. They’re like little gems.

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